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Integrated Project Delivery: Why It Works

By   /  October 19, 2012  /  No Comments

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My favorite expression of why integrated project delivery works is this pair of graphs from Attorney Will Lichtig, which Will was kind enough to let me use in my book on zero net energy homes. As they show, in a conventional building development process, common understanding among all parties is achieved at the end, when construction is complete. By contrast, when an integrated process is used, common understanding is achieved very early in the design stage. A number of other benefits accrue from bringing together a project team at the beginning of design: by working together from an early stage, the team develops cohesiveness and commitment to the project’s goals. Team members invest themselves in the project’s success. The power of this transformation can’t be overstated.


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green building consultant; owner/founder, Design AVEnues LLC

Ann V. Edminster, M. Arch., LEED AP, is a leading green building consultant, speaker, teacher, and author. Her recent work and award-winning book, Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, focus on net-zero energy homes. Ann has taught for groups including AIA, USGBC, Pacific Gas & Electric, and Southern California Edison. Ann’s consulting clients include major builders, software companies, design firms, developers, public agencies, utilities, investors, and homeowners. She has held key roles on numerous award-winning residential projects of all types.

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