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About HouseTalk

We bring you the leading green building voices in one spot.

HouseTalk is a timely and timeless collection of reliable, authoritative information on residential green building, curated by green gurus Ann Edminster and Bruce King.

We’ve been in green building since the late 1980s, watching this small community grow into a vibrant movement. We’ve seen a host of exciting innovations emerge … along with a tsunami of greenwash. Our goal is to bring you high-quality green building knowledge, based on our collective experience and close ties with pioneers and leaders – BuildingGreen.com, Building Science Corporation, the Healthy Building Network, Taunton’s Green Building Advisor, and other allies.


Ann V. Edminster, M.Arch., LEED AP, is a renegade architect turned green building consultant. After living for a year in Florence, Italy, Ann’s view of human environments was forever changed. She has dedicated her career to creating better – greener, healthier, more durable, livable and humane – buildings and communities. She has held key roles on ground-breaking residential projects of all types. Ann’s recent work and award-winning book, Energy Free: Homes for a Small Planet, focus on zero net energy homes. She is one of the principal authors of LEED for Homes and chaired its development for USGBC. Ann is passionate about helping building professionals develop the knowledge, skills, and relationships needed to produce high-performance projects.

Bruce King, P.E., is that rare breed, a “green” structural engineer – and was one of the first. After working on every type of structure, at firms large and small, all over the country, Bruce started his own consultancy in Colorado, eventually moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting in the early 1990s he began working more and more with “green” and alternative materials, and saw the need to bring the “how-to” of ecological building from the fringe to the mainstream, where these ideas can save money, energy, and other critical resources. He now practices as a green materials consultant in addition to working as a structural engineer, non-profit researcher, writer, and public speaker.

Diego Fonstad is the adult supervision. Diego’s background includes a Stanford MBA, several successful startups, and most recently Zombie Cat, a non-profit science education resource site. Diego is also a survivor of creating a LEED Platinum, zero net energy home, and a passionate advocate for green building. He provides refreshing and sage advice for the other members of this team, whose business acumen is limited to keeping afloat their own modest (if estimable) consulting practices.



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